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Property Owner - Manual / Help Section:

Welcome to our IslandSource Booking System, where we put you, the property owner & manager, in the driving seat when it comes to taking bookings online.

If you need any of the following set up or changed, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make any appropriate changes promptly.

Change Rate
Change Description
Change Minimum day stay
Change Property details
Upload new photos
Request review deletion ( YES, you have full control of which reviews remain listed and which are not ).  If you don't like the review, we will be happy to delete it, or portions of it, if requested.

Once your property has been created to take bookings online, what are your next steps?

The Toolbar/Control panel is where buttons for each activity you can perform can be seen.

Table of Contents

Your Toolbar


Drex Dashboard 1 Custom

The Dashboard is the front page of your property. It gives you a quick overview of availability for the property so you can see when a room becomes free or if a guest can be slotted in somewhere.

Account Details

Here you will find options that are available to all users of the system.
Drex Account Details Custom

You will see either a Log in or Log out button, and an option to edit your account.



The Bookings options is where you can 



      New booking Enter New Booking
              ( * for reservations taking over the phone or third party booking systems )
              Optional : You can enter either all of the booking information for record
              keeping, or if you prefer you can just Block the dates - see option below.

      Blocked Dates Review Blocked Dates

      Simple booking Block New Dates
            Easy to use clickable callender to block dates. 

      List bookings List all Bookings

        New Guest
        List Guests
        List Invoices

        List Properties
        New property
        Delete Property