FAQs - Vacation Rental Owners

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- How much does it cost to list my property ?

   To List your Property is FREE. 

- How do I get paid ?

You do collect the customer payment. 
You can invoice the customer via our website via your own Paypal account ( recommended) .
You can also invoice a customer through another payment channel ( IE: Square Register, Intuit, or your regular merchant account, or just check payment by mail, etc. ), if you prefer.  

Our online Paypal Processing is 100% Safe and Secure.  Payment goes directly into your account. 
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 - What kind of properties to you accept ?

Owner & Manager Operated Vacation Rentals, Apartments, Condos, Cottages, Villages, and Ohana Units. ( sorry, currently we do not handle hotel bookings).

 - I have multiple rentals.  Can I list more than one rental under my account?

Yes, you may add as many rentals as you operate, all under one account / one log-in.

 - Do I pay a commission for bookings you send me ?

Yes, there is a small booking commission ( in lieu of a fixed advertising fee ) for all booking generated for you, due at the day of arrival of the guest.   Invoices are generated automatically when the reservation is made and emailed to you.  You can also review your invoices on your owner's dashboard. 

               We also do have a fixed monthly fee program available if you prefer.

  - What is the commission rate?

Standard Listing:  Commission Rates for most areas are a flat 10% from the gross sale including cleaning fee, but excluding tax.   

  • Unlimited Photos, Description, Ammenities

  • Rates ( Base Rate, Extra Person Charges,
    Cleaning Fee, Custom Charges)

  • Booking Calendar

  • Owner Dashboard to keep track of reservations and to easily block out reservations received through other channels.
  • Google Map Location

  • Owner Contact Form

  • Instant Reservation Requests for your approval

  • Post  up to 5 of your own reviews from your guest book or other review channels.


*Currently the following geographic areas have a commission rate of 20% due to the special concierge services guests will receive and the typical short stays of only 1-2 nights:  Volcano, Big Island of Hawaii. 

Premium Listing:  Commission Rate for this level is 15% . 

  • PRIORITY LISTING ABOVE other properties in the search results as a "featured property". 


 - How do I pay the commission for generated bookings ?

Payment is due once a guest pays you or a guest has arrived, whichever comes first.

We will either invoice you via Paypal, Square, or if you set up your account for AutoPay we will automatically  charge your credit card one day after arrival of the guest.  If there is a problem with the reservation or the guest is a no show and you have not been paid please contact us with any applicable documentation and we will adjust your invoice.

- How do I find out I have a reservation request  ?

You will receive an automatic email from our system as soon as a guest requested to stay at your rental.  The email contains all contact information, and you can then contact the guest directly to confirm availability and arrange for the applicable deposit be paid directly to you.

 - What if I double booked a property?

If you double booked a property notify us as soon as you discover this.  We will then notify the guest and find them alternate accomodations.  Anybody can make a mistake, but we encourage you to keep your calendar up to date as much as possible to avoid any double bookings and customer dissapointment.

 - Can I have my own cancellation policy?

Yes, you can choose your own cancellation policy.

 - Can I have my own deposit policy ?

Yes, you can choose your own deposit policy.

 - How do you handle reviews?

  • If you signed up with the STANDARD LEVEL LISTING you may send us 5 reviews from other travel websites or your rental guestbook.  Just note what the source is.
  • Anyone can post a review, not just guests that booked through this website.
  • All reviews are subject to YOUR approval.  

You have full control over any reviews and can request a review to be removed.  We encourage travelers to only leave a review if they have something positive to say.  The positive reviews will speak for themselves.  We understand you work hard in your business, and just one negative review can hurt a business greatly, but is rarely a representation of the entire business.  Therefore we we do not include negative reviews if you request it to be removed.   We are trying to help your business so it is a win/win for both of us.

* We reserve the right to edit reviews for inappropriate language and content to maintain an positive atmosphere for our booking website.

 - What is the cancellation policy for my listing?

                There is no term contract, and you cancel your listing any time.

 - I do have my rental property / properties listed on other websites.  Is there a way to update my calendars through your system without having to change each in each website each time I have a reservation ?

Yes, we are in the process to set up working with BED24 , an independent company that will update 3rd party calendars from our system.  For this to work our website has to host the MASTER CALENDAR, and you do have to set up an account with BED24.  Then both accounts have to be setup to communicate with each other.  We will be happy to assist you with this. to review the third party booking systems we are compatible with CLICK HERE.

 - Still have a question ?

              Call us at 808-985-8827 or

              EMAIL US or

              Submit your question via our CONTACT FORM. 

                              We will be happy to personally assist you.

                                                                 Thank you for your interest in listing your Rental Property !