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The idea for this website, to have Travel Rack Card Brochures online for instant view and download, was born in 1998.  When we started this website we had a grand vision for the business, but our vision was very hard to fulfill, as computers were still too slow and graphic intensive websites was something that was virtually non-existence.  Regardless, (in the interim), while we were waiting for technology to catch up with our vision, we created initially a ",basic" version of what we foresaw, and the initial result was a website with "small thumbnail versions of the actual brochures, as that all computers could handle at that time, and then we slowly converted to larger formats, a bit at a time, as technology allowed. 


Now with technology having leaped forward and making tablet computers almost as common as cell phones,  we are so excited that finally our vision for this website could be implemented properly while putting the rack card style travel brochures literally at everyone's fingertips, fast, and in actual size. 

Full size brochures are now accessible 7days a week, 24 hours a day, any place, anywhere in the world.  They can be viewed full size, printed ( even though that is really no longer necessary.. just mark the brochure page as a favorite), or downloaded for future reference. is an environmentally friendly convenient source for travel and activity planning before and during your vacation.   You can even request brochures or information directly be mailed to you, and the brochures pages provide a link to a company's facebook, twitter, and youtube page, as well as a link for email and their actual website.  We have have brochures with QR codes that directly link to videos, brochures, etc. ..and yes, you can scan them with your phone right from your computer screen.

Find all the information you are looking for  BEFORE you get to the airport or while you are sitting on the beach, in the hotel, in the car, trying to think what activity or adventure to undertake next.  IslandSource saves you  from the meticulous process of pamphlet picking.  Instead of facing hotel walls lined with travel leaflets all the information is right here at your fingertips.

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  • Environmentally friendly

  • Reduces Paper Waste

  • Advertising Alternative.  Brochures are available 24/7 any place, any time in the palm of your hand.

  • Brochures can be easily saved to one's phone, computer, or IPad style tablet for later viewing

  • Brochure pages can be just marked as a "favorite" in browser for instant recall online,  which eliminates the need to print them.

Because we like being an eco-friendly website is hosted on an eco-friendly web server.


We are proud of being the ORIGINAL AND ONLY online travel directory that provides fast instant access to

FREE Hawaii Travel, Activity, and Adventure Rack-Card Style Brochures. 


As we grow we will soon cover all the other Hawaiian Islands and then expand to cover other magical island destinations around the world and their activities and adventures.   Our vision is big and we hope you will join us in this adventure of its own.  ISLANDSTYLE is our LIFE..  

We are working hard to make this website the most convenient source for your travel planning needs.  New brochures are added continuously, so if you would like to be kept up to date on what is new, please sign up on our mailing list.

We always love to hear from you, so feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions you may have, or visit our FACEBOOK PAGE at and LIKE US.

If you are a business in Hawaii, and you provide a service related to the travel industry, we would welcome the opportunity to include your brochure in our travel directory and start helping you increasing your business.  


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