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Why you should advertise with Us:

Island Source is the most unique new way to advertise
with your colorful and beautiful designed rack card !

Remember When:   A few years back, booking such things as activities and other Hawaii travel related itineraries from anywhere, anytime online was virtually impossible, as the technology was just not there.

Travelers had to call up travel agents or visit nearby travel agencies to find out information and to book hotel, airfare, and activities and tours.  

Time consuming and sometimes overpriced it was really a hassle finding information and making reservations merely based on other peoples opinions and suggestions.  . But, with the invention of mobile-friendly travel apps and websites, just like Island Source, things have become a lot easier for travelers.


Here’s why seasoned

1. FREE Instant convenient access to  beautiful designed rack card brochures and information for Hawaii Activities, Lodging, Shopping, and more.  Any brochure can be not only viewed, but also download and printed, if necessary.

2. Mark brochures as "favorite" for instant recall to put together their own collection of favorite things to do or places to go.

3. Rack Cards are FUN to browse to plan where to go and what to do next.

3. 24/7 access to brochures anyplace, anytime... in the airport, on the beach, in the hotel room, in the restaurant, in the car... Travelers can conveniently browse their next activity, their place to stay, or things to do , totally on the go..

4. No more hunting for hard copy rack card brochures only displayed at select retail locations.

5. Eco-Friendly access to rack card brochures. Even though some people may still prefer to print the brochure from their computer, overall the usage of printed copies is reduced, which saves the company money and saves valuable resources.

6. Links to your website and social media sites make it easy for travelers and travel agents to contact you directly and book with you directly, getting you to be able to provide great customer services and offering Direct Book Rates.

IslandSource provides you with:

  • Large Exposure - Over 27,000 unique visitors per month and growing fast ( as of September 2015).

  • User Friendly browsing of travel rack cards - A new and unique concept  to advertise with beautiful designed Rack Cards, designed for smart-phone, desktop, and tablet computer use browsing by travelers. Rack Cards are designed to bring the most important information about you to the fingertips of the customers, and with Island Source you are doing just that.

  • Eco-Friendly Advertising - Not only will our website help less rack cards being discarded after a travelers has no longer use for them, which will obviously help reduce using valuable resources, but our website is also hosted on a 100% wind-powered hosting company.

  • Budget Friendly Advertising.  Not only are our advertising plans very affordable and budget friendly, but advertising with us you can also minimize the cost of printing and distributing your hard copy Rack Cards.

  • Larger Exposure Rate than traditional rack card advertising. Your rack card is accessible from anyplace in the world, anytime.

  • Great Search Engine Ranking for terms like Hawaii Brochures, Hawaii Adventure Brochures, etc.

  • Island Source generates "direct book" reservations for you, minimizing booking commissions paid to others.

  •  Listing includes

    • full size brochure in *jpg ( for fast loading) and *.pdf ( for high quality viewing ).

    • Links to your website and reservation page

    • Link to your email

    • Customers ( Travelers and Travel Agents) can request hard copy brochure and more information directly from you.

    • Links to your Social Media sites ( Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tripadvisor, Blog, etc.)

    • QR Code Compatible ( Yes, customers can scan your QR code right from the screen ).

  • We are member of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau  and the Hawaii Ecotourism Association.

    Association Member Discounts available.


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